Rolling resistance model knuckle Kingpin Repair Kit

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  • Updated: 2018-9-5
  • Features: HB3722 is a three-phase hybrid stepper motor driver based on DSP control. It is a new generation of digital stepper motor driver which combines advanced DSP control chip with three-phase inverter drive module. The driver voltage is AC110-220V, the adapter current is below 7.0A, the diameter of 57-130MM of various types of three-phase hybrid stepping motor. The driver adopts a circuit similar to servo control principle, which can make the motor run smoothly, almost no vibration and noise. At high speed, the torque of the motor is much higher than that of two-phase and five-phase hybrid stepping motor. The positioning accuracy can reach up to 60000 steps / turns. The product is widely used in engraving machine, medium-sized CNC machine tools, computer embroidery machine, packaging machinery and other high resolution large and medium-sized CNC equipment.