Rolling resistance model knuckle Kingpin Repair Kit

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  • Updated: 2018-9-5
  • Features: The new generation of hybrid servo is an innovative product, which uses the latest special motor control DSP chip and vector closed-loop control technology, so as to thoroughly overcome the problem of open-loop stepper motor losing step, but also can clearly prompt the high-speed performance of the motor, thus improving the processing speed and accuracy of the machine. In addition, when the motor is continuously overloaded, the driver will output alarm signal, with the same reliability as AC servo system, adapted to 60/86 full series hybrid stepping servo motor. The power supply voltage adopts 24-80VAC or 24-110VDC safe power supply to meet the safety standard. With 6 digit display and 5 debug buttons, parameters can be set up and the running state of the motor can be monitored.