Rolling resistance model knuckle Kingpin Repair Kit

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Hbs86h is a new type of low-voltage hybrid servo product developed by our company based on years of experience in low-voltage servo system. This product adopts the latest DSP digital processing chip and advanced variable current and frequency control algorithm technology, providing a high cost-effective hybrid servo drive solution for equipment manufacturers. Hbs86h is compact in structure, compact in size, space saving, and electromagnetic interference between lines is reduced. It adopts better vibration technology and low heating technology, effectively solves the heating, vibration and noise problems of motor and driver, and low heating, green and environmental protection.
● working voltage: AC, DC universal, AC input voltage 24-80vac, recommended working voltage 60vac
● continuous output current max. 8.0a (advanced step servo overload capability)
It can accept differential and single ended pulse / direction commands, and has three control modes of position / speed / torque
Adopt FOC magnetic field positioning control technology and space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) closed-loop control technology
It adopts advanced variable current technology and variable frequency technology to effectively reduce the heating of motor and driver
● the number of pulses per revolution can be set (subdivided) by debugging software or code pulling
● it has over-voltage, under voltage, over-current and over differential protection functions
● single / double pulse mode, pulse effective edge optional
● the maximum pulse frequency of control command is 500KHz (factory default is 200kHz)
● pulse, direction and enable signal input interface level are 4.5-28v compatible
● it has the function of serial port RS232 debugging, which can be monitored and debugged by connecting the data to the upper computer. The software has established more than 100 groups of parameters.
● performance: stable speed, small overshoot, small tracking error, low heating of motor and driver